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Help Me Play Austin City Limits!!

Hi friends! My band and I would love to play this year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival, and the Dell Lounge is giving us the chance to make that a reality. They are hosting The Sound and the Jury Contest where fans are able to vote for their favorite band to have a chance to win a gig a the ACL festival. Please vote and ask your friends to vote here once a day for the next 2 weeks… or at least just once!! We are a bit behind getting started, but we believe that our new sound would be the best fit for this festival!!!  It would be a huge opportunity for us as we promote the new full-length album.  You can hear one of the new songs, “Set Me Free” when you click this link.  Thank you for your help! xo, Gayle



Natalie and I crammed in just about as much sight-seeing as was humanly possible in our first night in England.  This way to the Air Raid Shelter!!!signGlad to know where that is, just in case…tower1This was my first time visiting the Tower Bridge.  I don’t know how I managed to avoid it the last time.  It reminds me of Disneyland!tower2Natalie is wondering what makes the Thames so murky…  I recall seeing a dead squirrel floating in the Oxford Canal.  Pretty sure the entire river is filled with dead squirrels.  I had a dream about it.gayle1eggThat building looks like an Easter egg.  I can’t recall what it is at the moment… silly Brits!  They are definitely much more creative when it comes to their architecture.  I suppose it’s because they have had a longer time to work on it.  It makes for an interesting and unexpected skyline.  The London Eye does the same thing for the other side of the river.tower2europe-2009-030.jpgeurope-2009-031.jpgeurope-2009-032.jpgeurope-2009-033.jpgeurope-2009-034.jpgeurope-2009-035.jpgeurope-2009-036.jpgeurope-2009-037.jpgeurope-2009-038.jpgeurope-2009-042.jpgeurope-2009-043.jpgAt St. Paul’s Cathedral I was fairly certain I heard Mary Poppins singing.europe-2009-044.jpgThis is the Millennium Bridge! Super exciting.europe-2009-045.jpgeurope-2009-046.jpgeurope-2009-048.jpgeurope-2009-049.jpgeurope-2009-050.jpgeurope-2009-051.jpgeurope-2009-053.jpgeurope-2009-054.jpgeurope-2009-055.jpgeurope-2009-056.jpgeurope-2009-057.jpgeurope-2009-058.jpgeurope-2009-059.jpgeurope-2009-060.jpgeurope-2009-061.jpgeurope-2009-062.jpgeurope-2009-063.jpgeurope-2009-065.jpgeurope-2009-066.jpgeurope-2009-067.jpgeurope-2009-068.jpgWe ended up at a great pub by Trafalgar square and met a few friendly Brits.  It was soooo wonderful to be in a real pub again!!!europe-2009-070.jpgeurope-2009-071.jpgeurope-2009-072.jpgeurope-2009-074.jpg


Leaf Art

Today I told my sister Laura, brother-in-law David and my mom about my tour.  I told them about how the coffee in the northwest is so much better… perfect foam, better taste, etc.  When I mentioned the “amazing leaf art” that I experienced in Santa Cruz at the Abbey, I noticed that David and my mom had funny looks on their faces.  “Don’t you know what leaf art is?” I asked.  “Ohhhh! Leaf art!” they exclaimed.  Both had heard “amazingly fart.”