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Ticket for the Space Oddity Costume Ball!

Here is the ticket –it is a private VIP event but Vokab Kompany, Haunted Summer and Gayle Skidmore fans (21 and up) are invited to attend.
Feel free to post!

Samples of Ground Control “space beer” Imperial Stout and other complementary Ninkasi Flagship and Seasonal varieties will be available.

Print this pic and we’ll see you at the EMP Sky Church in Seattle this Friday 4/24 at 6:30 PM.

Space Oddity Ball 4/24 EMP Sky Church

Space Oddity Ball 4/24
EMP Sky Church

xo, GS


Unkovr Music Feature!

Hey all! This week I’m being featured on an awesome music site (Unkovr) with a chance to be seen by top industry professsionals. If you vote for me, they’ll keep me on the front page longer! There’s no login required. You can also retweet Unkovr’s tweets about me to up my rating! Many thanks to Fernando Perdomo for the wonderful quote, and for recommending me for this site! Please check out the link here:

Eli majors - February 2, 2015 - 7:24 am

I’m really impressed with Gayle and her ability to dive deep into words beyond everyday language to express experiences some have gone through or are going through. I’ve followed her since her first album and have seen her grow and strengthen her lyrics and hold true to her faith and intellect. Her voice is just the amplifier for power inside.

JohnnyQ - February 9, 2015 - 7:44 pm

Gayle has that old school approach of music…she just writes and writes! It’s evident she loves what she’s making. Extreme talent and phenomenal story teller.

Another Wonderful Review of “Rag Doll”

Thank you so much to Right Chord Music UK for the magnificent review of “Rag Doll.”
Read the review here:

‘Rag Doll’ by Gayle Skidmore immediately entrances you with a soft and emotive voice poetically singing about being a ‘rag doll, sewn by a blind man’ which conjures up the image that we are made with natural imperfections by a blind creator. The opening line says “I broke you butterfly. Crumpled up your wings and watched you die. Now I wear you on a pin. A sad medallion of my sin” This made us feel that you can destroy something that was so beautiful to you, and be reminded of it all through your days knowing that it is these imperfections and experiences in life that make you what you are, and sometimes make you repeat those same mistakes “Just because” .