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The Thing About Lilith

A few weeks ago I received an email from a close friend directing me to a site where I could enter a contest to win aView full post »

Adventures in London and Shoes of Wonder

After I got brutally dumped in England this summer I was left with a lot of time to kill and not a lot of cash.  IView full post »


Hey friends! Like my shirt? Check out my friend Matt’s project, Apples & Bandaids! Half of the profit fromView full post »

Make Believe- Progress

I have been working on my upcoming full-length, “Make Believe” for over a year now and we have finally movedView full post »

Chris Martin Sings “Make Believe”

Sometimes I have really random celebrity dreams.  I am always surprised by these dreams, since I don’t reallyView full post »

Chains of Doom

Friday morning I woke up early in Redding and loaded up all of my gear (I should play fewer instruments/and/or get aView full post »

What I’m Grateful For Tonight

I’m sitting by my bedroom window watching the rain (when I should be sleeping) and feeling the weighty presence ofView full post »


Thanks to everyone who stuck up for me on Saturday!!!  That was crazy!  Also, thanks for coming ’round for theView full post »

Oh, Canada

Natalie and I had a short layover in Vancouver, Canada.  We decided to look around in all of the overpriced shops andView full post »

Europe, Here We Come!

On July sixth I drove up 6 hours to Shell Beach, picked up my good friend Natalie, and drove 5 hours to San FranciscoView full post »

Help Me Play Austin City Limits!!

Hi friends! My band and I would love to play this year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival, and the Dell Lounge isView full post »


Natalie and I crammed in just about as much sight-seeing as was humanly possible in our first night in England.  ThisView full post »

Heathrow to Wimbledon

Natalie and successfully navigated our way through the long tunnels of the Heathrow airport. I always think of “View full post »

May 18

The place we crashed at last night is a part of a Christian camp, so it has that kind of nostalgic, delightfully mustyView full post »

Leaf Art

Today I told my sister Laura, brother-in-law David and my mom about my tour.  I told them about how the coffee in theView full post »

Thank You Bobby Tour Day 1&2

Yesterday I drove all the way up to Santa Cruz by myself.  I stopped for gas twice (my car is amazing!) and both timesView full post »

Theological Analysis of My Day

Today I really wanted to go to the beach.View full post »