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“Sleeping Bear”    (© 2013 Raincoat Records)

“Sleeping Bear” is Gayle Skidmore’s sophomore album, released in a coloring book that she illustrated.  It incorporates driving piano, symphonic strings, plucky banjo and a male chorus with Gayle’s poetic lyrics to create beauty from ashes. Raincoat Records, ©2013 Sea Boot Café Publishing.

“Zombie Heart E.P.”    (© 2012 Raincoat Records)

“Zombie Hear t” is a three-song E.P.about love, death and insanity. Engineered by Matt Curreri. Produced by Gayle Skidmore. Co-Produced by Matt Curreri. Mixed by Ben Moore.

The Impossible Sum (© 2012 Raincoat Records)

“The Impossible Sum” is a folksy single about a pairing that doesn’t quite make sense. Produced by Gayle Skidmore. Engineered and Mixed by Ben Moore.

Paper Wings Gøødwin Remix

Remix of “Paper Wings” by Joe Goodwin, Mastering Engineer, Capricorn Studios.

Make Believe    (© 2010 Raincoat Records)

In a show of serious ingenuity, singer-songwriter Gayle Skidmore played 15 instruments on Make Believe, self-released it on her own label and drew a coloring book to go with it. But it’s Skidmore’sheartfelt songwriting and agonizingly vulnerable lyricism that makes her first full-length truly special. Top track: “Hollow”Defining verse: “Don’t breathe a word, you’ll break me.” -Peter Holslin, San Diego City Beat


Annabelle Single    (© 2010 Raincoat Records)

Annabelle is Gayle’s newest single, engineered by Jason Mraz and mixed by Ron Founterberry. This song is a haunting, minimalistic version of the track from Gayle’s first full-length, “Make Believe.”


Cowley Road E.P.    (© 2008 Raincoat Records)

This six-song and newest E.P. was co-produced by Gayle Skidmore and San Diego producer Aaron Bowen. It features songs of longing articulated by Gayle’s skillful use of piano, banjo and guitar. It demonstrates Gayle’s skills as a composer and her quirky musicality. It’s songs include melodic and artistic songs such as “Still,” “Crazy.” and others that will prove an artistic new turn in the acoustic music world.

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Paper Box E.P.   (© 2007 Raincoat Records)
The Paper Box E.P. was created for Gayle’s Tour deFelícité Fall 2007. Gayle co-produced this E.P. with Preston Parsons of Glorify Records. Gayle made 600 cases by hand for this special release that features the song “Paper Box,” a whimsical song about loneliness.