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The Golden West

On Thursday morning, Marta, Erdis, Ben and I met up for an early session at Singing Serpent to track the strings for “Pale Ghosts,” the song we played live for the Tiny Desk contest. This might be my favourite song I’ve ever recorded and I’m anxious to release it. It’s almost finished and just needs a bit of editing. It’s the closest to being done. Next week I’ll begin on the next few tracks, and hopefully get to re-track a few of the vocals. I’m hopeful that if I reach this goal I’ll be able to finish the album before I leave for tour on April 2nd and we’ll be able to order the vinyl so that I can release this album in the summer. Thank you for sharing this project and thank you again to everyone who has contributed so far! It has made a huge difference to me and is helping this project get closer to the finish line.