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Thank you, Coach Fabio!

CoachFabio! You have been an incredibly wonderful supporter of my music for so long now! Thank you for backing my projects and making it possible for me to create new music! I appreciate you investing in my art and enabling me to move toward my goals with your support and confidence carrying me along! My “Sleeping Bear” album, which you also supported, just won “Best Pop Album” in the 2014 San Diego Music Awards! It’s a very tangible reminder to me of what one can accomplish with an amazing team behind them.

I hope you have been enjoying the new singles that you supported this summer! It was so much fun to record them with my friend Fernando, and we are thrilled that we’re getting such a positive response. Because of you, I was able to have Gavin Lurssen work on the songs (he just finished the new Foo Fighters record!) and have J.J. Blair do a mix as well (he did all of June Carter Cash’s songs). It’s a total dream come true to me to have fans like you who believe in what I’m doing and take an active role in helping me take my music to the next level.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my musical journey! You are awesome and I wish you all of the very best.

Gayle S.