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Thank you, Jeremy!

Dear Jeremy,

Thank you for your consistent and enthusiastic support of my music! I always love seeing you out at my shows and chatting with you about life and music. I hope that you have been finding the time to practice guitar when you aren’t working. I know you work so hard, but it’s important to take that time to do something creative, especially when you have that creative spark in you!

I appreciate your support of my two new singles on Kickstarter so very, very much! I had one of my best tours ever this summer supporting the songs and was thrilled to have everyone on Kickstarter get so involved in getting “Barrel, Trigger, Gun” and “Rag Doll” out to the masses. Thanks to you I was able to have some top notch people mix and master my songs (Zack Ziskin, Ben Moore, and Gavin Lurssen, who just mixed a Foo Fighters album!). You rock.

I hope that everything is going really well for you and wish you a wonderful fall season. I hope to see you out at a show soon!

Take care, old friend!

Gayle S.