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Thank You Bobby Tour Day 1&2

Yesterday I drove all the way up to Santa Cruz by myself.  I stopped for gas twice (my car is amazing!) and both times I saw a strange vehicle.  The first was this bike covered in hearts!

green bike w/ hearts

Cute, I suppose… pretty strange though!  At the next gas station I saw this:


Hmm.  I think these were omens that this tour is going to be full of surprises.  My hypothesis was proven as soon as I pulled into Santa Cruz when I was almost hit by a unicyclist with dreadlocks down to his waist.  That pretty much sums up Santa Cruz… Since Val informed me on my way up that there was no room for me in the inn, I called up my good friend Kristin who once again agreed graciously to put me up for the night.  Val and I met up with her friend Angie and her friend for a bit.  We tried to go out for drinks but all of our efforts were thwarted.  Val and I left and hit up Pizza My Heart.  Whoever thought up rosemary powder for pizza was a genius! Yum.  We had a long and very interesting heart to heart and then headed to our homestays.

Vintage Faith

Tonight I played at The Abbey once again… I always love playing there!  Santa Cruz, with all of its craziness, is starting to feel homey and familiar.  I skipped playing the Vintage Faith service with Val this time because I was having a deep conversation with my new friend Abbey– the person, not the venue.  I don’t feel that at home there.  The day before I left, my friend Danny preached a sermon on hope.  It was so encouraging and timely that it left me pondering it for the last few days.  I even read Ephesians again this afternoon while at the beach with Val, Giles and Kristin.  (Then I fell asleep and got totally sunburnt!)  Anyway, when Abbey and I started chatting, she brought up a verse from Ephesians that had particularly struck me.  It’s so amazing when people reinforce what you’ve been learning without even meaning to!


My good friends Mike and Maggie who went to Azusa with me showed up for the show a bit later.  Maggie is having a baby pretty soon!  I am putting out an album.  😀 hah.  It was so fun catching up with them and reminiscing about the crazy things Mike and Jacob used to do in college.  My favorite memory of them is when they put on helmets and ran full-speed into their apartment and jumped up to try to hit their heads on the ceiling.  Good times.

Mike and Maggie

I played first tonight, then Val.

Abbey set

Both of our sets went well…

Val’s Abbey set

but the best part of the night was hanging out with everyone at Abbey’s.  Travis Oberg, Nick, Giles, Amanda, Chad, Anna, and a few others that I can’t recall hung out and jammed for a while.

Nick and Giles




Chad played us a song or two on this lovely guitar… he’s getting married soon.  You can tell by the excited gleam in his eyes.

Giles had the sweetest banjo ever– bought it at a farmer’s market or something.  Travis jammed out for a bit on it.  I need to see a Travis show!  I hear great things.

Travis Oberg

We ate soup and bread with oil and balsamic vinegar, caught up on each other’s lives, and got to know each other.  It’s so fun to see Anna!  No one else will ever quite understand how funny our orange juice moment in Turkey was.

Me and Anna

Abbey showed us her Patronus!

Abbey’s Patronus.

Accordingly, we then nerded out about Harry Potter around a bonfire.  A few of us lasted long enough to watch “Stardust.”  Love that movie!  Totally underrated.

All in all it was a lovely Norwegian Independence Day!!

Norwegian Independence