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“Gayle Skidmore: Coloring Her World with Art and Music”
“There are many ways to describe music, but even with a wide palette of descriptions, that wouldn’t do Gayle Skidmore’s songs justice.

She is indeed a brilliant artist, a gifted tunesmith, a virtuoso musician, and more. Many consider her a singer-songwriter. True, she often performs solo, with a guitar, banjo, or keyboard, but that only touches on one aspect of her songs. To some she’s a pop/rock genius with touches of Elton, Brian Wilson, and Lennon/McCartney in her melodies. She also strays into torch song areas and she’s not afraid to include dance elements, modern synths, or whatever it takes to create a strong piece of music. Each recording builds on the one before. Each sounds different than the one before.

Heading into this article one of the editorial requests was to make sure and describe Skidmore’s music. In decades of my covering artists, it’s rarely been this difficult. What we have here is a kaleidoscope of sound, at times whimsical, at times deep, but always multi-layered, full of intricate arrangements, and loaded with imagination. Indeed, she crafts songs not just worthy of hitting radio but also of repeated listens.

Skidmore has had definite successes in recent years, including great song placements, awards, tours and more, but even with all that in her resume, it feels like her career is just beginning to skyrocket…”
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-Bart Mendoza, San Diego Troubadour, 1 March 2015.

“Limerence Magazine: Artist on the Rise Gayle Skidmore”

“It’s one thing to be able to play one, two, or even three instruments and write your own music. It’s a whole other thing to have adapted and succeeded in playing over 20 instruments and have written over 2000 songs of your own…”

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-Kristin Pappas, Limerence Magazine, 2 March 2015.

“Gayle Skidmore is a work of art that makes art. She makes amazing music that she packages in Coloring Books which she draws herself. She can make you cry, haunt you , and make you more happy to be alive all in one song . Her performances are spellbinding and she is well on her way to becoming a legend.”

– Fernando Perdomo, Producer, Musician, Singer-Songwriter (Dreaming in Stereo, Reseda, The Dirty Diamond)

“Sleeping Bear” Nominated for Best Pop Album

3 Faces to Watch in Pop & Jazz in 2014

San Diego musicians Gayle Skidmore, Larry Groupé and Leonard Patton are poised to make a bigger impact in 2014

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Favorite 2013 albums by current or former San Diego artists

 Gayle Skidmore– “Sleeping Bear”  –George Varga, San Diego Union Tribune



“Whisky & Cigarettes” named #4 song of 2013 by Aural Gravy

We love where Gayle Skidmore is going. Her new album, Sleeping Bear, is her first full-length since 2010′s Make Believe. This time she teamed up with Ben Moore as co-producer, and the two of them found just the right sound for Gayle. It’s edgier and more upbeat. Not only that, the songs are consistently good. It’s her best album to date, and no wonder she won Best Singer-Songwriter at the San Diego Music Awards this year. The track we selected is a standout and shows Gayle in ways we haven’t seen her before. We hope she goes even further in this direction for the next one.  –David Miano, Aural Gravy


Gayle Skidmore, Sleeping Bear (Sept. 15): The 2013 San Diego Music Award winner for Best Singer/Songwriter makes the kind of music you can’t help but like. It’s not too out there, but it’s strange — or maybe ornate — enough to draw people in. Most of the songs on Sleeping Bear are lush arrangements of complex pop with dense flourishes of orchestral accompaniment (see the title track), rich vocal harmonies (“Don’t Let  Me Go”), catchy synth lines (“Tourniquet”) and subtle placement of banjo, mountain dulcimer or the billion other instruments Skidmore is trained on. Sitting around and longing for another Sufjan Stevens record? Just put this on and move on with your life already.  –Dustin Lothspeich, San Diego Union Tribune


“If Gayle Skidmore doesn’t make you gently dizzy with her music, it’s not for a lack of skill or effort.The veteran troubadour, who last week won Best Singer-Songwriter honors at the San Diego Music Awards, is a classically-trained pianist who cites Chopin as one of her favorite composers.Skidmore plays 20 instruments, the majority of them with strings definitely attached. Fifteen of them are featured on “Make Believe,” her 2010 solo debut album. She has a degree in theology, which she studied at Oxford University, and there is a strong spiritual underpinning to many of her songs.How many songs might that be? Skidmore estimates she has written 1,700 or so, which would be a staggering number for someone two or three times her age.”  –George Varga, San Diego Union Tribune

“San Diego based Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gayle Skidmore released her second full length CD titled Sleeping Bear September 17th 2013 on her own Raincoat Records. A classically trained musician, skilled at 14 instruments, Skidmore creates a lavish display of accessible yet intelligently lavish pop rock that conjures the eclectic flair of Kate Bush and bold musicianship of Joanna Newsom. Sleeping Bear makes a tremendous statement best justified by the haunting track “Little Bird” featuring a poignant banjo rhythm mixed with an elegant chorus that is candlelit music meant for thinkers and believers instead of passive day-dreamers.” —Glide Magazine

“Gayle Skidmore’s “Sleeping Bear” is a sleeper hit. She has a real knack of taking the kind of simplicity you find in a pop song and twisting them to fit her adult piano rock tropes. It’s never full on, it’s never lacking – it’s perfectly pitched and after a few listens it will stay with you. Potential for one of HPM’s top 10 albums of 2013 right here.” —Higher Plain Music

““Zombie Heart” by Gayle Skidmore* – Yeah, I’m a sucker for “The Walking Dead” so gimme a broken love song that references Zombies and lost/found love and hope too and I am in hook-line-and-sinker. It’s the lyrics at the end that remind me of a “Certain Event” the ones that speak of hope: “But you can’t deny my heart has come alive/Now you can feel my heart beat like it’s live again/Now you can feel my heart beat when you hold my hand”. When word play and Skidmore’s beautiful voice synergistically coalesce it is nothing short of breath-taking.” –Natalie Watson Webber,
Sounds In San Diego

“The term “Renaissance man/woman” gets thrown around a lot, often about people whose accomplishments are slightly above ordinary at best. But multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and artist Gayle Skidmore is the real deal. The San Diego native started creating songs when she was 8 (she’s written more than 1,700 to date), plays more than 20 instruments (including piano, mountain dulcimer and banjo), sings her gorgeous indie-pop tunes with a unique alto voice and drew a coloring book (!) to accompany her second full-length album, Sleeping Bear, out Sept. 17, on her own (of course) record label, Raincoat Records. Her emotional lyrical style is especially evident in “Sickle in the Shade,” with the line, “Your lips are moving/ But all I hear is what you didn’t say.””
Salt Lake City Weekly

“Skidmore’s a class act, and the video for “Little Bird” is every bit as classy. The Ces Peynetti-directed clip was shot at San Diego’s Singing Serpent and makes gorgeous use of color, from the red of Skidmore’s dress and lipstick to the golden, unfocused lights that drift lazily across the frame. Maybe it’s the owl that adorns her banjo — though a bear would have also been nice — but there’s just something about the understated video that pulls us in.” –Chris Maroulakos, Owl and Bear

“Gayle Skidmore: She may just be one of the most multitalented musicians roaming San Diego today.  Aside from being an established songstress, Skidmore also plays more instruments than you can count on both hands.”  –12 of San Diego’s Top Songwriters, SoundDiego,